Innovative Small Business Offers Quick and Convenient Mobile Tire Services

Getting routine tires changed and finding speedy emergency service has never been easier. Ike’s Mobile Tires offers roadside assistance to customers onsite for planned and emergency tire and automotive needs, as well at his new physical shop in East Stroudsburg.

EAST STROUDSBURG, PA: Ike’s Mobile Tires in the Pocono Mountains is offering creative mobile support for standard tire services. While most tire shops require customers to come into the shop for a tire change, Ike’s has all the tools necessary to change tires on the road anywhere within an hour radius of the physical shop. Isaac (Ike) Aponte developed this unprecedented service out of convenience for his customers.

In 2015, Ike realized that customers needed a mobile service that could handle all of their tire needs on the go – not just emergency tire needs. Originally, Ike’s goal was to cut the time customers spend waiting for a tow truck in half. Very soon after Ike launched his mobile tire service, he realized he could help his customers in so many other ways! The secret to his success is mobility. When asked about his success, Ike said, “Since I came up with this mobile concept, business has been booming. It ended up being an even better idea than I ever could have imagined.”

In October 2000, at the age of 10, Ike moved to the Poconos. Ike’s father taught Ike and his brother DJ about auto mechanics. Auto mechanics began as a family hobby, but Ike later attended Monroe County Career and Technical Institute for Automotive Technology. Ike began mounting, balancing, and changing tires as a career in 2012 at a shop he rented on Henry Street.

Ike realized that consumers needed a mobile service that could handle all tire needs on the go. While Ike’s Mobile Tires has a physical shop, Ike provides services at the customer’s location, wherever that may be. His services are not just for emergencies. Ike and his team will meet you at your location to conduct routine and planned maintenance, such as changing your tires, brakes, and batteries. Ike can even meet you in parking lots where you are shopping and will change or fix your tires, while you are inside.

About Ike’s Mobile Tire Service:

Ike’s Mobile Tires, based out of 7 Eli Street in East Stroudsburg, is your go-to mobile tire service for planned and emergency tire needs. Ike’s Mobile Tires redefines convenience! Today, Ike’s Mobile Tires proudly offers tire services and more to motorcycles, cars, SUV, and light trucks throughout the Pocono Mountains. For help with tires, lockouts, brakes or batteries in a pinch or for routine maintenance, contact Ike’s Mobile Tires at (570) 994-8623 or go online to

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    December 5, 2017
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    Ike's Mobile Tires
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